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Membership - Resident Indian (Regular)


Every candidate will have to deposit the requisite application fee, by Demand Draft or Credit/Debit Card, as prescribed by the General Committee from time to time. The current deposit alongwith the application form is 10% of the present Entrance Fee + Taxes, as applicable, in the respective category.


The role & responsibility of the authorized member conducting tests should be to verify the correctness of the scores. The member is not empowered to write any comments on the Score Card.


The Entrance Fee for the applicants selected for membership are as under :-


Indian Business Govt. Officers Dependents
Rs.10 lacs + applicable tax Rs.4 lacs + applicable tax Rs. 3 lacs + applicable tax


The newly elected members have to deposit Security Deposit as under :-

Indian Business/Govt. Officers/Dependents


Corporate Tenure (per nominee)


Foreign/NRI Tenure

US $ 500

Govt. Tenure


Senior Dependents



Members will be charged Subscription at the following rates :-

In-station Members

Rs.1100/- p.m. + taxes

Outstation Member

Rs.10,500/- p.a. + taxes

Senior Citizen In-station Member

(between the age of 65 & 80 years)

Rs.700/- p.m. + taxes

Senior Citizen Outstation Member

(between the age of 65 & 80 years)

Rs.6,500/- p.a. + taxes.

In-station Member age 80+
Rs. 300/- p.m. + taxes.
Outstation Member age 80+ Rs.3,200/- p.a. + taxes.

Senior Dependents with SD (Green Card)

Rs.1100/- p.m. + taxes

Outstation Sr.Dep. with SD (Green Card)

Rs.10,500/- p.a. + taxes

Senior Dependents (over 21 years)

(debited to parent’s account)

Rs.1100/- p.m. + taxes

Junior Dependents (debited to parent’s a/c)

Rs.600/- p.m. + taxes

Junior Dependents (Outstation)

(debited to parent’s account)

Rs.6,000/- p.a. + taxes

Govt/Corporate Tenure

Rs.1100/- p.m. + taxes

Surviving Spouse (S/S category)

Rs.1100/- p.m. + taxes

Foreign/NRI Tenure

US $ 300 Quarterly + taxes

Dependents of Foreign/NRI Tenure

(between the age of 8 to 22)

US $ 100 Quarterly + taxes

# Entrance Fees and Subscription is subject to change

# With effect from 1st April, 2017.





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