Guidelines for Members






1.    In our ongoing drive to make our golf course one of the best in the country, the management requests all our members to be part of this exciting journey and to contribute towards the cause. In the recent past we have witnessed instances of golfing indiscipline, poor caddie management and lack of good golfing practices which not only hinders proper maintenance practices but also manifests in rework of effort/additional costs.


2.    On its part the management is centrally organizing training for various golf personnel including caddies. Required support from members will go a long way to achieve the desired result. Towards this end, the issues highlighted below need to be implemented on a war footing at all levels.


3.    Timings:


a)      The main gate of the club shall be open for members entry only from 05:15 AM onwards in the morning. This has become necessary, because some members are not adhering to laid down timing in spite of repeated requests. 

b)      Temperature check at the main gate is mandatory.

c)      The 1st Tee off for the day will start from 1st & 10th Tee (Lodhi & Peacock course) at 05:30 AM. Tee off from any other hole throughout the day is strictly prohibited.

d)     The time interval between two Tee Off will continue to be 12 minutes.

e)      The PCR/PDR will open from 05:15 AM

f)       The revised PDR timing for Golfing Professional will be 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM


4.    Golfing Etiquettes on Course:


a)      The promulgated Dress Code must be adhered to on the golf course by all golfers (T-Shirt-Tucked in , Trouser/Shorts & Golf Shoes)

b)      The promulgated guidelines for play on weekdays/weekends must be followed

c)      Use of Caddies/Aagewala are mandatory for all golfers

d)      Take only one practice swing – without damaging the turf.

e)      Practicing on the Lodhi/Peacock course is prohibited. A second ball to be hit only if permitted under specific Golf Rule.

f)       Cart to be driven on cart path only – help us preserve the fairways.

g)      Super seniors (80 and above) & golfers with medical disability are allowed to go on the fairway by following 90 degree rule.

h)      Littering of the golf course be avoided. Disposal cups etc be disposed of in dust bins. Glasses not be taken out of Annexe.


i)       Caddies be instructed by the members to ensure the following:-

(i)      Caddies are not allowed to drive/ride the golf cart

(ii)    Caddie to repair all visible divots on fairways and pitch marks on greens.

(iii)   Golfing trolley/Pull carts to be restricted to permitted areas only – not closer than 25 yards of the green complexes

(iv)   Proper raking of bunkers as required and placing the bunker rakes at appropriate place.

(v)    Unnecessary Caddy movement on greens/sensitive areas be restricted in order to reduce footfall and avoid wear and tear of green surfaces.

(vi)   Members to regularly assess the capability of their caddies. Cases of poor caddying / indiscipline be reported to the Golf Operations Team upon completion of round.

(vii) Insist on the caddies being properly dressed in club uniform & be aware of basic golf rules.


5.    General:


a)         Maintain social distance & wear mask on the course at all times.

b)         Avoid walking across the practice green close to 10th Tee.

c)         Avoid walking across any green to go to the next Tee Box.

d)         Chipping/Pitching on to a non-designated practice green / area is prohibited.

e)         No casual morning/evening walks are permitted on the course. No individuals other than golfers are permitted on the course.

f)          In view of Covid and to ensure necessary social distancing, non-golfers and casual visitors are not permitted to use the Annexe and Paved area

g)         Sitting in the Annexe in an inappropriate manner (putting feet on chairs) and not following the dress code (wearing bathroom slippers etc) is strictly prohibited

h)         Feeding of Dogs: Some members regularly feed the strays on club premises. It is requested that all members desirous of doing so should contact the club administration to facilitate feeding the strays at specific locations earmarked for the purpose only.


6.    Your cooperation is solicited.


7.    Happy golfing!!




The Delhi Golf Club

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