Party Booking Rules


  1. The following venues may be booked for Private Function exclusively for Members:

    Location Minimum No. Of Pax Maximum No. Of Pax
    Party Room 20 35
    From 1st Nov. to 28th February
    From 7 pm to 11 pm only
    50 80
    New Banquet Area 50 250
    Club Lawn 251 800
    1. Please ascertain availability of the venue from the F&B Manager and letter addressed to Secretary, Delhi Golf Club, giving the details of the function has to be submitted by the member and only on receipt of official confirmation from the Club with advance payment, and the booking shall be treated as confirmed. Please note that for most venues the Club Authorities will only be able to provide written confirmation 60 days in advance in view of commitments for major tournaments.
    2. Once the booking is confirmed member should pay deposit amounting to 50% of the estimated cost within seven working days of the letter of confirmation and additional 30% seven days in advance prior to the event. Balance payment to be deposited within three days after the party. All party payments to be made by the member by “Payee’s Account “cheque drawn in favor of Delhi Golf Club Limited or by Demand Draft.
    3. The Club permits soft background music/live band/DJ/dance stage. Member will ensure that the Supreme Court guidelines with regard to noise level (75 DB) and time (only up to 10 pm) are strictly adhered to. In addition, the decorum of the Club and sensitivities of other members must be taken care off. The dance floor will be in accordance with the rules of the Club. No dance troupe and marriage bands are allowed within the Club premises.
    4. For Corporate parties only limited signage are permitted as follows:
      Society / Association and Corporates can put up 5 nos. with a maximum size of 30 sq ft each within the demarcated area for the party and not at any other location of the Club.
    5. Marriage or other related ceremonies involving Pundits/ Pheras/ Mehndi/ Engagements/ Pandals are strictly not permitted.
    6. All taxes as applicable shall be charged extra.
    7. The Club F&B will provide choice of menus and will assist the Member in planning the party. However, Club will cater to parties up to 150 pax only with a plus 10% variation of the given number guarantee by member. For any number beyond this, the member will be responsible for any food shortages. However per pax charges will be levied as per the actual number based on plates count.
      For more than 150 pax in member’s private function, member will have to make their own arrangements with an Outdoor Catering vendor. It will be the Member’s responsibility to ensure that their Outdoor Caterer follows Club rules especially for keeping the venue clean with proper hygiene after the function is over. Member will be responsible for any breakage/ damage to Club property by the Contractor. Club is not responsible for any dispute including the quality of food served by the caterer who has been engaged directly by the member.
      An additional charge of Rs 5000/- will be debited to the member for clearance of left overs/ garbage etc.
      The following cover charges shall be applicable, payable to the Club in advance:
      For Member’s Party Rs 300/= per head
      For Corporate Party Rs 400/= per head
      Club will not cater for private lunch parties while the Winter Lawn Lunches are on as the F&B staff is totally occupied with the same.
      Location Member Corporate
      Party Room Rs 5,000/= Rs 15,000/=
      Annexe Verandah Rs 11,500/= Rs 37,500/=
      Club Lawn
      251 to 350 pax Rs 75,000/= Rs 180,000/=
      351 to 450 pax Rs 90,000/= Rs 225,000/=
      451 & above Rs 150,000/= Rs 300,000/=

      N.B.A. Member Corporate
      50 to 100 pax Rs 22,500/= Rs 52,500/=
      101 to 200 pax Rs 37,500/= Rs 90,000/=
      201 to 250 pax Rs 45,000/= Rs 112,500/=

      The Club has the right to penalize the Member in case the actual number of people exceeds the number indicated by Member by 20% at the time of booking. Besides Member will also have to pay the enhanced rates based on the actual number present.
    9. Club will not provide any leads for electrical connections be it fans / halogens etc. It is for the member to hire Generators from the decorator to meet these requirements. Only silent generators are permitted inside the Club premises and it is the responsibility of the Member to ensure that Club Rules relating to the above are strictly followed by the Tent Contractor/ decorator. Member will be responsible for any breakage/ damage to Club property.
      Members hosting the party should kindly ensure that no children or their attendants loiter on to the greens or the Golf Course. The Club will not be responsible for any injury resulting from a hit of the golf ball outside the demarcated party area.
    10. HIRE CHARGES _ BIRTHDAY PARTIES (New Banquet Area Only)
      No of pax Member Corporate
      50 to 100 Rs 12,000/= Rs 37,500/=
      101 to 200 pax Rs 19,500/= Rs 52,500/=
      201 to 250 pax Rs 27,000/= Rs 67,500/=

      Accompanied child’s ayah will also be included in the number of pax present.

      The Club has the right to penalize the Member in case the actual number of people exceeds the number indicated by Member by 20% at the time of booking. Besides Member will also have to pay the enhanced rates based on the actual number present. *Package rates are available with F&B who will assist in planning the party.
      *Timing --- 4 pm to 7 pm.
    11. A temporary bar license is obtained by the Club on behalf of the member on actual cost basis which will be debited to the member’s account. Members / Guests have to purchase all alcoholic / Non- alcoholic beverages only from the Club and the Bars will be managed by the club staff. Members can depute one person to keep a check on the consumption of beverages.
    12. Bar will close at 10.30 pm and Dinner service at 11pm. However, Parties can be extended with Bar opening up to 12 midnight and Dinner service ending at 12.30 am, provided the member advises the Club Authorities at the time of booking and agrees to pay the overtime & conveyance for the Club staff @ Rs 400/= per staff person detained for the party.
    13. Cocktail party duration shall be a maximum of 2 hours.
    14. Sponsored liquor for parties covering Members / Corporates / Association / Society holding tournaments is permitted only if indented through Club store. The corkage payable to the Club on account of sponsored liquor is as follows:
      Out of sponsored stock 1/3 will be retained by the Club.
      In case of sponsored liquor for any tournament or corporate event, the un-utilized stock from the share of the host will automatically be reverted to the Club’s inventory.
    15. Cancellation Rules:
      All cancellation advice has to be given by the member in writing and acknowledgement taken from the Club’s Office. If the party is cancelled by the Member, the following charges shall be debited to Member’s account:
      More than 15 days 10%
      15 days to 7 days 25%
      Less than 3 days 50%
      less than 24 hours 75%

      Due consideration will be given to Force Majeure for circumstances beyond the control of the booking party or the Club.
    16. The Club decision shall be final and binding in all respects.

      The Delhi Golf Club
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