Ladies Section

A Quick Recap Of The Usga Handicap System

(Ladies Section members may note that Ladies Section Medal Rounds are conducted as per the handicap boundaries mentioned earlier in the Competition Section).
USGA HANDICAP CATEGORIES (With effect from 1st March 1998)
Gold Division 12 & Below
Silver Division 13 to - 24
Bronze Division 25 to - 36
Beginner's Division 37 to - 40

(Beginners Division players are not eligible to play in Ladies Section Competitions, other than the 9 Hole Medals when held).

A basic premise underlines the USGA Handicap System, namely that every player will try to make the best score at each hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played, and that the player will post every round for peer review.

1. The USGA Handicap System is by and large being universally followed as it allows each player to have a Handicap Index from which a Course Handicap can be derived for play on any rated golf course in the world

2. The basic premise of the System is that every player will try to make the best score on each hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played, and that the player will submit the score card for every round played

3. Handicap Differential – It is derived from the formula :- Adjusted Gross Score – Course Rating x 113 ÷ Slope Rating

4. Handicap Index The average of the 10 lowest Handicap Differentials is multiplied by 0.96, worked out to one decimal place e.g. 12.83 or 12.89 will become 12.8

5. Adjusted Gross Score Adjusted Gross Score is the Gross Score adjusted by the Equitable Stroke Control which sets the maximum number of strokes for a hole (irrespective of it being a par 3,4 or 5) depending upon a players handicap, as under :

9 or less Double Bogey
10 through 19 7
20 through 29 8
30 through 39 9
40 or more 10

a) Course Rating It is assessed by IGU. It measures the playing difficulty of the course for a scratch player under normal playing conditions. It makes the game fairer for all as on a more challenging course a player is given more strokes.

b) Slope Rating It is also a measure of the playing difficulty of the course, and is allotted by IGU.

c) Course Handicap The formula is :- Handicap Index × Slope Rating ÷ 113

d) Manual Assessment of Handicap The USGA software automatically works out the Handicap Index and Course Handicap. However, when a handicap seems incongruent to a player’s level of play, the DGCLS Committee may manually adjust the handicap. It would help if members while playing notice such incongruities, and bring it to the notice of the Committee in writing.

HANDICAP INDEX A measure of a player’s potential ability on a course with standard playing difficulty or Slope Rating of 113. It is computed from 10 best of a player’s 20 latest scores plus 10 best “T” scores. The golfer takes this H.I. with her wherever she goes.
To get the Course Rating for any course she is playing, she checks her H.I. against a Course Handicap Table for that course.