Dr. Zakir Hussain Road, New Delhi-110003



Members may please note that instructions have been issued to caddies not to stand outside the Annexe or at the 18th practice green area. Caddies have also been instructed not to wait for members in the Car Parking Number 1 or run behind the moving car of a member arriving in the Club. They have been directed to wear neat / clean uniforms as also take care of their personal hygiene while coming on duty. These instructions are being strictly implemented.

Members are requested to kindly ensure that they do not allow their caddies to wait outside the Annexe waiting for food to be served to them. This diverts the attention of the Annexe Service Staff impacting the table service quality. In case members desire to take food for the caddies, the same can be packed and handed over to the caddies at the Tees.

This will ensure that the area outside Annexe or the area near the 18th Practice Green does not remain congested due to caddies. 

The management seeks the cooperation of the Members in improving the overall discipline of the Caddies as also to give our F&B outlets a chance to improve the existing table service quality.

The Delhi Golf Club
09 Dec 2022