See The 1st Hole Detail

1st Hole

Lodhi Course

The 1st hole at Delhi Golf Club is a comfortable opener to what is a very tough front 9. Playing normally into a left to right headwind you need to hit your tee shot just short of the fairway bunker which bisects the fairway around 250 yards. Only the long hitters can reach the putting surface from here. A more aggressive line on the tee shot is trying to place the ball left of the bunker on the fairway. From here you would have to fly your 2nd shot almost on the green as missing it short in the bunker leaves you with a very hard bunker shot of anything from 35 to 70 yards. The newly constructed green complex on the opening hole has many challenging pin positions like the top left. What is really a big change are the front left and right pin positions. With the new collection areas it is a very difficult up and down if you short sight yourself (miss on the same side as the pin).

If you can manage to stay out of the bushes this hole is definitely a good birdie opportunity for the better players

Course description courtesy Gaurav Ghei