Ladies Section

Hole-In-One Procedure

1. Fill in a separate card, marked HOLE-IN-ONE, complete all details including our score for each hole played, put a circle around the hole-in-one score, and have the card signed by fellow players, with their names and membership numbers.

2. Hand in your original Score Card duly signed by all playing partners (along with their Membership No.) to the Club Secretary and copy to the Ladies Section.

3. A Hole-in-one on the Lodhi Course is awarded Rs. 3000/-; a Hole-in-one on the Peacock Course is awarded Rs.2000/- for one on the ‘B’ Course. Ladies who have opted to join the ‘Hole-in-One Kitty’ for which Rs. 60/- per year is charged in your bill. In case of not being member of the Hole-in-one kitty Ladies Section will NOT sanction any award amount.

4. At least two co-players must be present to sign and witness the hole-in-one or it will not be recognized and prize will not be given (a two ball hole-in-one will not be acknowledged). The players must also complete 9 or 18 holes to make a recognized hole-in-one.